Why You Should Consider An Electronic Cigarette?

Have people been complaining about your smoking? It’s really annoying isn’t it? Well, they have a right to. They know it’s bad for you, and frankly, the odor is quite offensive. They’d like it if you found a healthier alternative to smoking that gives you the same amount of entertainment value, but isn’t slowly killing you. Well, it isn’t impossible to please them. All you need is an electronic cigarette to get the joy from smoking without all the cancer risk.

First, lets go over how devastating smoking is for your health. A lot of people think the only thing that’ll go wrong is lung cancer. This simply isn’t so. There are thousands of different chemicals in cigarettes, and they can lead to cancer in more then just your lungs. Doctors have found cigarette smoking can lead to many different cancers, including stomach. This is because, when you smoke, the tobacco goes everywhere in your body. Doctors have even found tobacco in the umbilical cord of a newborn baby.

Second, smoking can give you a heart attack. No one wants to die at thirty because there heart simply couldn’t take the pressure of constantly being stressed out and made to work extra hard due to the stimulants in your cigarette. There are other chemicals in cigarettes that can raise your heart rate too. Even if you don’t die from the cardiac arrest a lot of smokers will eventually suffer from, it might still ruin your life. After you have a heart attack your life changes forever. You might not be able to play sports, have sex, or even go on a roller coaster. This doesn’t sound like much fun to me? Smoking electronic cigarettes greatly reduces your chances of having a heart attack.

I know everyone’s complaining about the smell. Well, that’s because cigarettes stink! People will judge you when you come in smelling like cigarettes. It’s especially bad to go to a job interview wrecking of the stuff. Your employer will make not of it, whether he is a ware that he’s judging you for it or not, he’d prefer a none smoker. I’m sure your wife would love kissing a non-smoker too.

But you don’t have to be a none smoker to smell like one. The only thing you need to do is switch to an electrical one. They have no odor because they don’t produce smoke. They produce water vapor that’s perfectly harmless to the body, and the nose. It still contains the nicotine your body craves, so you won’t feel like having a cigarette.

E cigarettes are a great way for people to quite. It’s because you can get cartridges at different strengths of nicotine. Another reason why people find electronic cigarettes so useful when they’re trying to quite smoking is because you don’t feel pressured to finish the whole thing like you do with cigarettes. When you light a cigarette, you want to smoke it until it’s gone. with an electronic one, you can just put it down and save it for later.

Remember not to use other nicotine products while using electronic cigarettes. This includes the patch, gum and anything else that contains nicotine. Using an electronic cigarette with other nicotine products could lead to an overdose. Overdoses of nicotine can be fatal. If you suspect you’re having an overdose, you should get medical attention right away.

I hope you enjoy this safer way to smoke. I know your family will love that you’re choosing a much healthier vice. Plus, they’ll love that you don’t smell like a camp fire anymore. Not to mention the whole, it’s bad for your health thing.

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