Alternative to Tobacco

Doctors and medical journals agree that smoking cigarettes and other forms of tobacco can damage your health in the long-term. If you have ever been addicted to nicotine and tobacco products you can understand and appreciate how difficult it is to quit. Many smokers who have tried to quit on various occasions often fail. Why is this? The main reason is that the person is unsuccessful in finding an alternative to his tobacco habit.

However, today we see that there are alternatives to smoking cigarettes and other harmful products. The alternative that is proving to be most successful is an E-cigarette. E-cigarettes are proving successful because of the many benefits that they have over smoking tobacco-related products. What are some of the benefits to E-cigarettes?

One of the main disadvantages of tobacco products is that they produce the distinctive odor. This odor is not a pleasant odor and it can be offensive to many non-smokers. It is easy to know which person is a smoker by the cigarette odor that is either on their clothes, in their home, or on their breath. Cigarette smoke as a way of getting into contact with virtually everything in its path. Not only that but it also has the ability to clean to an item for a long period of time.

This unpleasant odor is particularly noticeable amongst ex-smokers. The reason that this odor is so offensive is because of the additional chemicals and tar that tobacco products contain. This is one of the main benefits to switching to E-cigarettes. E-cigarettes do not have an ominous order. The reason for this is because you are exhaling of vapor rather than exhaling smoke.

Many of the people who use E-cigarettes state that the odor is nonexistent. Some people may say that the odor reminds them of cotton candy. The bottom line is that an E-cigarette is a whole lot better smelling than a traditional cigarette.

Another major advantage to switching to EĀ cigs is that they are considerably a lot cheaper. In the year 1982 was possible to purchase a package of cigarettes for one dollar. By the 1990s the cost had risen on an average to a maximum of two dollars. Today the top quality package of cigarettes has a price of anywhere between $7- $12. This price will obviously depend on where you purchase them.

It is true, that inflation has contributed to the rising price of tobacco. This can be also a result of the added fuel costs to transport the tobacco leaves to the processing company. The main reason why tobacco has risen is because of the rise in taxes. Governments realize that there is a huge tax grab by placing taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products.

A smoker can spend as much as $400 per month on his habit. This does not include the cost of other incidentals such as matches, ashtrays, and lighters. The advantage to E-cigarettes is that there is no additional tax from the government. The average cost for a person who uses it and E-cigarette is between 20 and $40 per month. This is a considerable savings. Therefore, as an alternative to tobacco-related products try E-cigarettes.

As you can see there are many benefits to switching to E-cigarettes. In fact, there are many other reasons why a person would want to switch over. Besides the many benefits that these type of E-cigarettes provide there is also a another major reason to switch. Your health is one of the major reasons to find an alternative to tobacco use. By finding an alternative you will live longer and enjoy a healthy life.

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