e-Cig UK Reviews

Electronic cigarettes are extremely popular in the United Kingdom. They have helped a lot of people to quit smoking the traditional tobacco cigarette quite effectively. Even though there are many brands of e-cigs in UK, not all of them are created equal. You need to perform extensive research in selecting the best e cig brand in UK. This article will list some of the most popular electronic cigarettes in UK.
V2 Cigs –
V2 Cigs was established in 2009. It has become one of the biggest e-cigarette brands worldwide. They opened the U.S. branch at first, and now have opened a branch in UK too. This brand would offer the user an authentic cigarette smoking experience. V2 Cigs is not harmful to the lungs such as the traditional tobacco cigarette. The taste and flavors are of top notch. The taste of the cigarette is unique and original. Users will be able to enjoy the V2 Cigs to the hilt during their smoking experience. The product offer some of the best e-liquids and flavors. There are tobacco flavors such as V2 Sahara and V2 Congress while the other flavors include grape, cola, soda, chocolate and vanilla. The product contain 5 nicotine strengths such as 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8% and 2.4%. The company offer a manual battery as well as an automatic battery for the benefit of the user. The standard battery will produce at least 250 puffs while the extended version would provide at least 450 puffs. The standard kit is priced at 59.95 pounds.
Green Smoke –
Green Smoke was one of the first electronic cigarette brands to hit the market. It is quite popular among the U.S. as well as the UK users. Green Smoke comes with an extra battery to assist you if the original battery dies while you are enjoying the cigarette. This is a salient feature of the product compared to the other brands in UK. The battery would last for at least 200-300 puffs. The product has many flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, menthol, red-label tobacco and coffee. The vapor emitted could make the user feel as if he or she is smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. This is why Green Smoke has been making a killing on the UK market.
There are many other popular brands on the UK market. Jacvapour, Cigees, Nicolites and E-lites are some of the most popular e-cig brands on the UK market.